Twilight Comics 30th


Comic Book Origins

As a young man in the 1980s, Brian Hillier developed a love for comic books while growing up in Belleville, Illinois. He was drawn to the vibrant worlds and larger-than-life characters in the medium and began buying comics from local stores. He even connected with industry insiders who provided him with signed copies of his favorite titles.

Building Twilight Comics

In 1993, Brian took over the struggling Fantasy Books store in Collinsville and turned it into Twilight Comics, a brick-and-mortar store that would serve as a haven for comic book fans in the area. However, the store faced many challenges in its early years, including the decline of the comic book industry and the challenges of operating as an independent store. In 1995-1996, the industry faced further challenges when Marvel distributed their own comics, leading to the closure of many stores. Despite these challenges, Twilight Comics survived and made its final move to Belleville in 1996.

Adapting to the Changing Market

In an effort to adapt to the changing market, Twilight Comics dedicated nearly 80% of its sales floor to gaming tables for Games Workshop. However, when Warhammer and Warhammer 40K began to decline, the store experienced a huge loss in sales. In June of 1997, Brian made the difficult decision to close the Collinsville location. After falling into a funk and letting the store become an awful mess, Brian wrote a business plan and worked to get Twilight Comics back on track. He cleaned up the store, restocked theback issue comics, repainted, built a decent selection of graphic novels, and added a game room. In just fourteen months, the store was in a better state and Brian began advertising on cable, which led to an immediately positive response from customers.

Changing Locations

However, the decline of the Bellevue Park Plaza location proved to be too much for the store to handle, so Brian began negotiations to build the Metro-East's first premiere comic book store at Green Mount Crossing in Shiloh. Although the cost of moving and decking out the new store was much higher than starting the Belleville store from scratch in 1994, Brian was happy to see his dream store finally come to fruition. In April of 2015, Twilight Comics was forced to leave Green Mount Crossing due to increased rent fees and downsized to move to Frank Scott Plaza in Swansea.

Continuing to Serve the Community

Through the ups and downs of the comic book industry, Brian Hillier and Twilight Comics have remained a beacon of passion and dedication. They may have faced challenges, but they have never lost their love for the medium that has brought so much joy to their lives. Brian is grateful to his customers, his team, and his family for their support and encouragement over the years, and he looks forward to continuing to serve the comic book community for many more years to come.

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