Not Free Comic Book Day


Today was supposed to be Free Comic Book Day. Nature had other plans, but Free Comic Book Day will still happen at some point in the future, and we hope you’re still looking forward to it as much as we are!

Although the world we now live in is different from what we were used to, a “new normal” will, inevitably, arise. We look forward to building the “new normal” with you once we can fully reopen! (Looks like June at the earliest.) In the meantime, check out the webshop Graphic Novels (Marvel and Boom are close to being good) and Funko POPs sections, please! (I’m working diligently on Back Issues.) 

Sometime Monday (5/04/20) afternoon, we’ll be installing our new “Pullbox” utility to help you have more direct access to your subscriptions and orders. More details once we’re more familiar with the system.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy, be kind to each other, and read more comics!

“New” New Website

Many comic book publishers are doing everything they can think of to keep this hobby alive! Diamond Comic Distributors have pressed a giant “PAUSE” button on the shipping of new comics for the foreseeable future. We will, of course, keep you apprised!

With all of the craziness of the last several weeks, I’ve been working to get a new e-commerce website up and running. ComicHub seemed like a good choice because of the Subscription and Pre-Order functionality. Unfortunately, everything else was a horrible fit for me. I had to scrap 60 hours of work and have moved back to something I can handle better, hopefully! There are quite a few items in the shop (, but not many pictures, yet. We also continue to list more and more on eBay (

Please check out the listings, make suggestions, ask for pictures, and/or descriptions. Let us know what you want! We will be adding PreviewsWorld PullBox, as soon as we can, for all of the Subscription/Pre-Order stuff! If you see anything in the PreviewsWorld catalog you might want, we CAN still get the older stuff, and we could sure use the influx of income so I can keep up with payroll! (No word yet on either of the disaster loans for small businesses — PPP and EIDL.)