Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Chris Samnee
Publisher: Image, 2020

Fire Power follows the story of Owen Johnson as he travels through
China in pursuit of the truth about the identity of his birth parents. A long
and grueling search leads him to the mountaintop sanctuary of the Temple of the
Flaming Fist. There Owen, alongside his fellow students, begins to study under
Master Wei Lun to reclaim the lost art of throwing fire. But there are secrets
even more precious than the ability to wield flames safeguarded within the
walls of the Temple of the Flaming fist, and Owen will be forced to reckon with
his family’s past if he is to preserve his future.

Whether you’re new to comics or a longtime fan of Robert Kirkman’s work, Fire
Power has something for everyone! Action packed, funny, and self-aware,
Kirkman’s latest series is the perfect summer reading companion and a great
primer for the release of the first issue of the Fire Power comic, on
August 5th. If you enjoy the graphic novel, make sure to add the series to your
subscription list!

Recommended Age: Teen and up
Content Warnings: Violence, Language, Mild Adult Content

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