Selling Us Graphic Novels

At Twilight Comics, we are always excited to welcome new graphic novels into our "gently used" section. We offer competitive rates, typically 10% of the cover/original sale price or 15% in store credit, for these treasures. However, we may have to decline a collection if the books are coverless or otherwise too damaged. We reserve the right to refuse multiple copies and books from other retailers. If you have a collection you'd like to sell, please call or fill out the form before bringing it in. We can find new readers to cherish these stories for the first time, all over again!

Selling Us Comics

At Twilight Comics, we are always eager to expand our comic collection with new treasures! While we will consider comics in all conditions, the better the condition, the higher the value. A professional grader will assess your collection and determine its worth. We offer competitive rates for typical comic collections, ranging from 20¢ to $2.00 per pound, depending on various factors. Key issues or comics with special significance will be priced on a case-by-case basis. If you're ready to sell, please call or fill out the form before bringing your collection in. We would love the opportunity to connect your curios with the next generation of comics lovers!
Cash or credit

Selling Us Games

At Twilight Comics, we are always thrilled to add new board games, boxed card games, Magic the Gathering cards, and 1st and 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons books to our collection. These items hold a special place in our hearts, and we are proud to offer competitive rates, typically between 10-20% of Fair Market Value, for the treasures you bring us. Please note that we do not buy mass market games (such as Monopoly, Risk, etc.) unless they are 40+ year old versions and complete. Additionally, we do not buy any collectible card games other than Magic the Gathering. If you have any of these items you'd like to sell, please call or fill out the form before bringing them in. We can't wait to see the hidden gems you have and find new people to enjoy them as much as you have!

We Buy Graphic Novels, Comics, Tabletop Games

Turn your closet-filler into cash or double value for store credit!

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