Written and Illustrated by Sweeny Boo
Publisher: Boom! Box, 2020

Twenty-seven year oldMindy is struggling- with her job, with her relationships, and with her own self-worth. But when a chocolate bar she buys on a whim gives her a chance to revisit her past, Mindy sees a chance to confront her regrets, make peace with difficult memories, and finally get a new start. Life is rarely that simple, though, and she soon realizes simply accepting the past is not enough. If she truly wants to find happiness, she must also embrace her future.

Writer and artist Sweeny Boo, known previously for Love is Love, strikes another skillful balance between realism and emotion. Poignantly written and dynamically illustrated, Eat, and Love Yourself is relatable to anyone who has struggled with self-acceptance and positivity. A great gift for anyone going through a rough time, or for when you just need a reminder to “love yourself!”

Recommended Age: Young adult and up
Content Warnings: Eating disorders, body dysmorphia

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